Because loading speed of web pages is a very important factor in SEO and ranking, I will show you in this tutorial how to optimize images using Photoshop save for web option and compare the results side by side to check each image size.
If you have an empty div or other element that you want it removed if does not contain any html tags or text inside it, here is a quick guide how to do it with jQuery. I will also show you how to handle empty tags using CSS only.
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple captcha code for contact forms using PHP and some math operations to increase the security of your html form and reduce spam emails from users or bots.
Here is a quick cross-browser fix if min-height not working on divs or other elements with display: table, like emulating an html table.
If you hate spam as much as I do, here is how to stop WordPress comment spam almost to zero using some tweaks and two simple plugins.
In this tutorial you will learn how to move child elements (divs, list items, links, buttons or images) up one level, each one to his respective parent using jQuery.
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