Create a Aero Glass Text Effect using Photoshop CS5 inspired from Windows 7 Aero

Posted on March 30, 2013 in Photoshop Category with Medium Difficulty

In this tutorial you will learn to create a Aero Glass Text Effect in Photoshop CS5 inspired from Windows Vista/7 Aero Glass Effect. Text will still remain glassy even if you move it.

1. Create the Canvas

Open Photoshop CS5 and create a new file (CTRL + N) with 600 Width and 300 Height. See the image below:


2. Adding the Background Image

After you download the sample image, drag and drop it on the scene and by holding ALT + SHIFT you can scale the image and maintain the aspect ratio. Press ENTER when you are done.


3. Adding Text

Select the Text Tool (T) and click somewhere on the canvas and write "GLASS" with Arial Bold, 120px, and anti-aliasing set to "Crisp".


4. Adding the Glass Effect

Right click on the GLASS Text Layer and select Blending Options. Here you need to apply a series of filters to have the same results as the demo image.

First, set the Fill Opacity to 0.


Drop Shadow Filter


Inner Shadow Filter


Satin Filter


Gradient Overlay Filter


To adjust the Gradient Color, click on the Gradient Bar and do the settings below:


Gradient Position

Also to adjust the Gradient Position on your text, you need to have the Gradient Overlay Tab opened, and go with your cursor arrow and hold click on the text, then move up or down to adjust the Gradient Position. See below a sample:


Final Results


Download .PSD File

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  1. GX says:

    Ignore the previous comment, I was using Illustrator instead of Photoshop :( and there is a video as well, ehhhh :)

  2. GX says:

    What is the point of writing this Article? “select blending options” good, from where? ??? “Drop Shadow” nice, but from where????

    If a person knows where are these things, then he does not need to read the article, he already knows how, and if he does not, the article is just pointless.

    why don’t people think before they write?

    • Hello GX,

      If you are trying to watch closely, the Step 4 of the tutorial starts like this:

      Step 4 – Adding the Glass Effect
      Right click on the GLASS Text Layer and select Blending Options.

      We write step by step tutorials, so “why don’t people think before they write”?

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