Create a Scalable Vector Windows 8 Logo in Photoshop by Using Guidelines and Shapes

Posted on November 16, 2013 in Photoshop Category with Simple Difficulty

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a fully scalable Windows 8 Logo by using only shapes and few interesting techniques. You can use it whether in your own wallpapers or make it as a personal icon.

Step 1 - Document Settings

In this tutorial we'll be using Photoshop CS5. Create a new document (File - New) with any width or height you want but is recommended to have some space so here is our settings:


Step 2 - Placing Guidelines on the Canvas

Select your background layer and with the Paint Bucket Tool (G) paint-bucket-tool fill your canvas color with a light blue (#00adef).

Now we need to make a 200x200 square from guidelines and after to be filled with a shape. To add a guideline, enable the Rulers (CTRL+R), place your mouse cursor on a ruler and drag it to the canvas. If you want to make a vertical guideline, simply drag it from the top ruler. You can do the same thing with the horizontal guidelines.

Tip: You can hold SHIFT while dragging your guideline to snap the movement by 5 pixels.


Step 3 - Drawing Square Shapes

To draw a rectangle shape, first select the white color and with the Rectangle Tool (U), start your drawing from the top left corner of your guidelines and release mouse button on the bottom right corner.


Now you can duplicate this shape in another 3 pieces. Windows Logo is made of 4 pieces and the same we will have on this logo.

If you want to hide the guidelines, press "CTRL + ;" or use the main menu (View - Show - Guides).

To duplicate a object, right click on his layer and select "Duplicate Layer" or you can simply select the layer and press CTRL+J, then rearrange your rectangles in the same position as the Windows Logo. You can hold SHIFT+Arrows and move objects by 10px. See the sample below.


Step 4 - Adding Some Perspective

Select all 4 Shape Layers and press CTRL + T (Edit Menu - Free Transform) to edit the appearance of our 4 shapes grouped together. Now right click on your objects and select Perspective (Edit Menu - Transform - Perspective) and adjust the selection from the top left corner. Check the sample below.


Step 5 - Fix Extra Spacing and Add Some Text

The vertical space between the 2 left and right shapes is bigger than the horizontal space. To fix that, select the layers of the 2 shapes from the right and move the shapes, using the arrows, few pixels on the left.

Our logo is now done. With the Text Tool (T) you can some text near your new logo. We used "Windows 8" and under it "Professional".

Final Results - Windows 8 Logo as Vector

windows8-professional-logo-full (2)

Download .PSD File

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    Great tutorial, a great help

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