Design the HD Family Icons in Photoshop

Posted on August 30, 2009 in Photoshop Category

In this tutorial we will learn how to design the HD (High Dimension) Family Icons to attach them in your own wallpapers or pictures.

Final Result

Design the HD Family Icons

Step 1

Create a new file, use the settings below and click OK.


Right click on the "Background" Layer and select "Layer from Background" and rename it to "bg".


Right click on the "bg" layer and select Blending Options.

Check "Color Overlay" and choose the color pure black.

Step 2

Now we must draw a nice background for our icons.

Select the Brush Tool (B) with the color #cc00f, size 300px and the following settings for your brush.



After you must use the color #f2a0ff then a few black spots and you should have this:


1. Go to Filter - Noise - Add Noise and set  the Amount to 20% - Distribution Gaussian - Check Monochromatic.

2. Go to Filter - Blur -Motion Blur and set  the Angle to 90* - Distance 999 pixels.



Step 3

Rename the layer "decoration".


Now we can start to draw the HD Logos. Select the Text Tool (T) and type "HD" with the settings below:


Under HD write "High Definition" with Arial, 16pt, Italic and Smooth Text.


Now we must draw the HD Ready Icon. To do that duplicate the big HD. Under the HD make a selection using Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) with the Feather 2px and the settings for the Refine Edge below:


Create a new layer and fill the selected area with white using Paint Bucket Tool (B).

Right click on the new layer and choose Blending Options. Check the Gradient Overlay and use a White Faded to Gray color, then add a text "ready", Lucida Sans, 35p.


Final Result

Design the HD Family Icons

Download PSD

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