Can’t View Brush Cursor in Photoshop? Use your Keyboard to Enable It

Posted on April 20, 2013 in Tips and Tricks Category

Many users are facing the big problem with the brush cursor in Photoshop. The problem is that the brush cursor or brush size can't be seen in Photoshop Workspace, so we have the very simple solution for you on this annoying issue.

Photoshop Brush Visible

The Brush Problem

Somehow the brush cursor (silhouette) disappeared in Photoshop and you can see only the normal cursor and not the whole big sized cursor.



Enable Brush Cursor in Photoshop

To make your brush cursor appear again, just check if the CAPS LOCK is activated. If yes, just press it again and check in Photoshop if the cursor is visible.

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  1. James Smart says:

    Excellent – Worked!! :)

  2. mirceaciu says:

    i got this problem often enough. if it works i salute you!

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