Making of Samsung 950B Monitor in 3D Max 9 and Vray

Posted on November 22, 2008 in 3D Max Category

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Samsung 950b Monitor using 3D Max 9 and Render with Vray.

Making of Samsung 950B Monitor in 3D Max 9 and Vray

Step 1

Open 3D Max 9 and from File choose New and begin with a box with Length 40, Width 60 and Height 3 like in picture below:

Step 2

Ok, now right click on box and select Convert to: - Editable Poly. Select the 4 edges like in picture below then apply Chamfer with an Amount of 2.0 (first) then with an Amount of 1.0 (second):

Step 3

a) Do an Inset to the poligon from the top with an amount of 1.0.
b) Extrude with 0.5, then with 1.0.
c) Inset again with 1.0 and Extrude with 0.5.
d) Quick Slice the box for mesh smooth.

Step 4

This will gonna be the monitor standing support. Create another box, convert it to Editable Poly and do almost the same like step 2. Select the 4 edges, Chamfer with 1.0. Ok, now select the top poligon. inset it with 1.0 and bevel with 0.5 height and -0,2 outset. Then Quick slice the object in the left part, then select the remaing poligons in the left and Hinge along the spline under selection. Just try to make like in image below:

Step 5

Keep extruding and sculpting until the monitor standing support is ready. I must have something like in picture below:

Step 6

The standing support it's looking pretty nice, don't you think? Okay now we must fit the best color. I choosed the light and dark gray version of monitor (Vray Material):

Step 7

And now let's start with the monitor. Create a box with Lenght 100, Width 40 and Height 80. Convert it to Editable Poly like as usual and Chamfer the 4 edges with 2 then with 1. Then Inset with 1 the monitor's face and Extrude with 0.3. Select the poligon and make it a little bit smaller. Inset with 0.1 and rescale the polygon with Scale Tool like in picture below then apply Extrude to 1.0.

Step 8

Ok, now we need to do the back. Do many insets and extrudes until you reach this:

Step 9

After you are done with back use the material color below:

Final Results

Our monitor should look like the same in the picture:

Download Files

Download Wallpaper

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  1. 3dbappi says:

    very nice

  2. Gurijala says:

    Nice tutorial, thanks for posting it.

  3. thanks. Can you post here your LCD ?

  4. 3dnewb says:

    Looks good, I took it for a spin and created my own lcd and its not bad.

  5. salim says:

    very good job

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