Match Profile Picture with Cover Photo on Facebook using Photoshop

Posted on September 21, 2013 in Photoshop Category

In this tutorial you will learn how to match your Facebook Profile Picture with your Cover Photo. This technique is used when you have a single cover picture and you want to keep the same image in the profile picture area. The whole process consists in measuring the size of both areas and cutting the picture correctly.

Step 1 - Screenshot Facebook Page and Edit in Photoshop

For the first step you will need to take a screenshot from your actual Facebook Page, then open the image in Photoshop and you can start editing like the image below, or you can download the PSD from here.


As you maybe already know, the Facebook Cover Size needs to be 851x315 to fit exactly, and Profile Picture is 160x160, but you must upload it at 180x180 minimum so we will need a trick here.

Note: Alignment for a Facebook Page is different than a normal Facebook Account, so it will require other measurements.

Step 2 - Find an Image and Add Profile and Thumb Masks

Find an image on Google or you can grab our image from here and drag it from desktop to Photoshop Scene, adjust the size from corners using ALT+SHIFT to keep the same width and height, then press ENTER to place the file.

Note in the image below that we created a white image layer to mask the cover photo and a black one for profile photo to view the placement of our images. You can lower the opacity of the layers to make the image visible.

Match Profile Picture with Cover Photo on Facebook using Photoshop

Before starting the editing we need to make the image editable, so Right Click on the Image Layer and select Rasterize Layer.

Step 3 - Cutting the Cover

First we will cut the image for cover part, then we can adjust the profile picture according to the cover photo.

In the Layers Panel, select the image layer and by pressing CTRL+Click on the "cover photo" layer, you will make a selection of the cover layer, so you can cut that size from the big image.

So, to cut the image press CTRL+X and to paste in the same place, press CTRL+SHIFT+V.

Now you can hide the cover photo layer and the original image layer. See the image below:


 Step 4 - Cutting the Profile Picture

Remember that Profile Picture has a size of 160x160, but upload requires a size of minimum 180x180 and in this case we will make a selection on the black mask image and cut it same like the cover photo, but we will resize the image to 180x180.

Press CTRL+Click on the profile picture layer, select the Layer 1 (cutted cover layer) and cut the selection with CTRL+X then paste in place with CTRL+SHIT+V.

Notice that the profile image has a blank space to the bottom. We need to fill it up and for that make the original picture layer visible and Merge Layer with the new cutted profile picture. Select layers using CTRL, right click and choose Merge Layers.


After merging layers, cut the selection and paste in place.

Now you have the full 160x160 picture and you need to resize it to 180x180. For that open a new document (CTRL+N) and type the width and height to 180px and paste the profile picture there. See the picture below:


Select the layer with the image and press CTRL+T to resize the image to full size. Press ENTER when you are done.

After doing all the steps, save your images as JPG or PNG by selecting Save As from File Tab.

You can download our sample pictures below:

Final Results

We created a fake account to test how the images will mix up. Check below the results:


Download PSD

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