Photoshop Car Tuning – Hyundai Sonata

Posted on March 20, 2009 in Photoshop Category

I've searched on Google and all I found was only incomplete tutorials about Car Tuning in Photoshop.

In this tutorial we will learn how to full tune a car with rims, windows, headlights and how to add a spoiler.


Step 1 - What we need

1. The normal picture of a cool car.


2. One picture with a spoiler. Choose your favorite. I choose the second one.



3. One picture with a rim.


OK, this is all we need for our tuning.

Step 2 - Adding The New Rims

Open the image with Hyundai Sonata and the one with our rim, in Photoshop.

1. Select the Magic Wand Tool (W), under menu set the Tolerance to 1and click on the white zone near your rim.


2, Good, now go to menu and choose Select - Refine Edge or  press CTRL + ALT + Rand configure like in picture below then click OK.


3. After that Right Click on your selection and choose Inverse Selection and Press CTRL+Xto cut the selection!


4. Now open the picture with our car, Hyundai Sonata (if is already opened use CTRL+TAB to switch windows)

5. Press CTRL+V to Paste your rim selection, select your Layer in the right, with your rim and press CTRL+Tto transform selection and resize it like in image below.


6. Right Click on the Rim Layer and select Duplicate Layer or go to menu Layer - Duplicate Layer and resize it for the tire in the back.


Step 3 - Adding a Spoiler

Open the image with the Spoiler showed in the beginning and cut it using the Polygonal Lasso Tool(L Key) like in the first picture and press CTRL+X to cut and Paste into the car picture and resize it like in the second picture.



TIP - To add to selection hold SHIFT, to remove from selection hold ALT.

Now let's cut the spoiler to make him more realistic.
- Select with Polygonal Lasso Tool and delete selection after doing this. we doing this because the spoiler should be on the other side of the window and we must set the opacity to lower.


- Now select with Rectangular Marquee Tool the right part of spoiler that should be in the back of the window, and choose Eraser Tool with the diameter 193, Opacity 100% and Flow to 70% and click once with the eraser on the selection. See the example in the picture below.


Step 4 - Painting our car

1. Select all the windows plus headlights with Polygonal Lasso  Tool and press CTRL+B and adjut the color balance.

Color Levels: -25 with 0 with +50
Tone Balance: Midtones
Preserve Luminosity: Checked


2. Adding the Logos and the Custom Paintings.

- With the Polygonal Marquee Tool draw something nice in a new Layer and fill up with a black color using  Paint Bucket Tool and set the Layer Opacity tp 40%.


Also you can Duplicate your layer and resize your paint and set the Layer Opacity to 20%.

Also you can draw something on the hood and set the opacity to 40%.

Step 5 - Adding Neon Effect and Lights

Select the Brush Tool and select a faded model of brush, with a diameter of 110, click on the headlights with a white color.

The same way you do with the Neon Lights.

Use the Blur Tool to adjust a little the hardness of your neon draw.

Step 6 - Final Result and Download


Download PSD + Images

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  1. Awesome in one word! :-)

  2. vladutzul007 says:

    nu trebuie sa stii engleza… trebuie sa stii sa folosesti internetul… exista Google Translate

  3. Allan Thomsen says:

    You can lower the car too, you know ;)

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