Remove Duplicate Lines using Sublime Text

Posted on January 4, 2015 in Tips and Tricks Category

In this simple tutorial you will learn how to delete or remove duplicate lines from a text file when you have a list of something (products, names, domains, e-mails etc) using Sublime Text.

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Sorting and Remove Lines

To make a fast analysis of your duplicated lines, you should first order your list alphabetically. For example if you have a list of names, when you sort them, duplicates will appear right under the original name and in this case you can remove duplicate lines.

This method is great and fast when you have a short list of things and you want to remove duplicate lines manually. Below I will give you an example.

Sorting Lines In Sublime Text To Remove Duplicate Lines

If you have a very long list and you don't have time to check every row manually, you can also remove duplicate lines by using Permute Unique Lines.

Remove Duplicate Lines with Sublime's Permute Unique Lines

For long lists with duplicates, you can automatically delete them by using Permute Unique Lines from Sublime. To do that, go to "Edit - Permute Lines - Unique".

Remove Duplicate Lines with Permute Unique Lines from Sublime

The results will obviously be without duplicates and Sublime did all the work in one easy step. Check the image below.

Sublime Permute Lines Unique Remove Duplicate Lines Results

This method is also great and useful to delete or remove duplicate lines of a list with domains, products and many others things. You can download Sublime Text from here.

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