Restore Recycle Bin to Desktop in Windows 7

Posted on March 24, 2013 in Windows Category

Have you deleted the Recycle Bin accidentally from Desktop? In this tutorial you will learn how to restore Recycle Bin in Windows 7, back to your Desktop by following some easy steps.

Difficulty: For Dummies

If you can't find your Recycle Bin to your Desktop is because someone or maybe you, accidentally deleted it or disable it from Desktop.

So, how to restore Recycle Bin back to desktop?

Right click your Desktop and select Personalization.

Restore Recycle Bin to Desktop in Windows 7

In the left side of the new opened window, select "Change Desktop Icons".


Now check the Recycle Bin and go back to your Desktop and see if the icon is there.


The same way you can do with the other icons such as:

  • Computer Icon
  • User's Files Icon
  • Network Icon
  • Control Panel Icon

Additionally you can change the appearance of these icons or restore by default.

So, you finally have the answer on how to restore Recycle Bin back to your desktop.

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