Show Hidden Files in Windows XP/Vista/7

Posted on March 11, 2013 in Windows Category

In this tutorial you will learn how to view hidden files and folders, view hidden operating system files and files extensions, in Windows XP/Vista/7.

Difficulty: Beginner

Go to Folder Options

Open My Computer and go to Tools - Folder Options. Check the note and image below:

Show Hidden Files in Windows


If you can't see the menu above (in Windows Vista/7), open My Computer and go to Organize - Layout - Menu Bar. See the image below:


Show Hidden Files and Protected Operating System Files

To show hidden files, inside the Folder Options Window, go to View Tab and search for "Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives" and check it.

To show the protected operating system files, search for "Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)" and uncheck it.

To show files extensions, search for "Hide extensions for knows files types" and uncheck it. (Be careful when renaming files!)


Now you can view all hidden files.

How to Hide Files

If you want to hide a file, just right click on it, select Properties and check the "Hidden" attribute, then go to Folder Options again and hide your files.


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