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  1. Salut Sorin,

    Se intampla asta din cauza ca toate elementele poarta acelasi “name”. Incearca sa schimbi numele cand copiezi acelasi cod intr-o pagina.

  2. Gravatar Icon Dale says:

    I developed some code a few months ago based upon this code (which seemed to me to be the best version of drop-down menus of all the ones I tested). I was about ready to roll it out after a few more tweaks and review by the requestor and now when I tested it I find out it is not working on Internet Explorer (v.11). I had done my original development on Win 8 and have since upgraded to Win 10 which came with IE11. It works great with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari (all running locally with Apache 24 on W10). The sample online at also works on IE11 but when I download it (without change) to my system it fails. The display on the screen is what you would expect if it were a tablet or smart phone even when the test is running on a wide screen desktop.

    Have you encountered anything similar and come up with ideas for users with a problem like I am describing?

    • Hello Dale,

      Which tutorial are you talking about? If possible, copy paste the message above and comment again on the tutorial page you are talking about, so I can reply you directly on the subject.

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HTML-TUTS is created and maintained by Dan Doicaru.
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