If you are moving to a new domain, here is how to 301 Redirect WordPress on Addon Domains using htaccess, without hurting your page rank.
Learn how to remove duplicate lines from a text file, using Sublime Text, when you have a list of names, domains, e-mails, products etc.
jQuery Image Slider with Thumbnails, Bullets and Slideshow Thumbnail
Learn how to create a complete and advanced jQuery image slider with thumbnails, active bullets, navigation arrows and a slideshow timer.
Stellar Bundle – 50 PSD Mockups for Bottles, Coffe and Tea Bags Packaging Thumbnail
If you are searching for a complete PSD Mockups Pack with all sizes you need for your business, Stellar Bundle is exactly what you need. It contains 50 PSD Templates for Wine and Beer Bottles, Coffe, Tea and Sugar Bags and many more together with another 70 mockups from Infinity Bundle.
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