In this tutorial I will teach you how to find and replace regex html tag or attribute using your favorite code editor that has find and replace with regular expression feature (very simple and handy).
Learn how to copy (clone) class or id attribute from one element and apply (add) it to another html element with jQuery and Javascript.
Learn how to create an animated header with jQuery to have position fixed when you scroll down the page, appearing with easing effect from top to bottom and disappearing when you scroll back to top.
Here is another ultimate mega pack of 450 outlined icons to use them in your commercial projects, created in .ai, .eps and .png formats in a size of 22x22 and 44x44 pixels, crafted with loved across 8 categories, everything named Lynny Icon
Using CSS arrows instead of images is a better choice. Why? Because you need just few lines of code, you don't create a request for loading another file like you do with images and the best part is that you can create even triangle css arrows with a right angle.
Because loading speed of web pages is a very important factor in SEO and ranking, I will show you in this tutorial how to optimize images using Photoshop save for web option and compare the results side by side to check each image size.
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